Who We Are

Unbridled Contractors was formed from a mutual passion for city transformation, love for community, and desire to see people elevated to walk fully in their purpose. The partnership combined an existing business with an Emergent heart and corporate strategy that would allow Unbridled Contractors to thrive with a deep-seated purpose and uncommon culture.

Our Team

Cory Campbell


I am an island boy at heart who lives and works in a giant sandbox. I love anything outdoor related: camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, rock climbing, you name it. I’m all about work during the week, but on the weekend, it’s the last thing on my mind.

My life summed up in a song or movie title:
“Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.” This is my favorite quote. Up to this point, nothing has turned out quite like I had planned, but have loved the journey to get here.

What it means to be Unbridled:
When you ask me what it is to be unbridled, I would say that the answer you would be looking for is explained specifically in the definition. To be uncontrolled or unconstrained! Here we have the ability to advance and take charge at our own ability. Everyone works with the same level of trust and respect. We have a chance to shine and be a part of a larger picture. This, in turn, creates a family feel and produces a group of higher standards as well as self-motivated ambition.

Carrie Stewart


Jeff Rayfield


I am a very funny person; I sure cheer a person up. Dependable, reliable, very hard worker. I love the outdoors, disc golf, and rock climbing. I am a single father.

My life summed up in a song or movie title:
The Dance by Garth Brooks

What it means to be Unbridled:
Means we are strong and can’t break us.

Gary Campbell


I like to play. I love time with my kids and family. I don’t like being too serious because life is hard…so let’s have fun as we go! I like things that go fast: cars, dune buggies, motorcycles, toys, toys, toys! Other than fun, my family always comes first.

My life summed up in a song or movie title:
I don’t really have a song or movie title I feel really says, “Gary’s life,” but if I did, it would definitely be a country song. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs…but that won’t stop me! Keep on keepin’ on.

What it means to be Unbridled:
Being Unbridled is to:
1) Be honest to yourself. Everybody makes mistakes. It’s not always easy, but when you’re honest to yourself, it’s easy to be honest to others.
2) Be loyal. Loyalty is a way of thinking, whether it’s with family, friends, or coworkers.
3) Be proud. Have pride in what you do. Always do the best you can and never settle for just good enough.
4) Work hard and play harder!

Elijah Reed


Jesie McElroy

Business Administration

I’m a momma who went from a family of three to a family of five in one day. My perfect day starts with a creamy latte, quiet time with the good book, and an aviator-sunrise drive. At any given time, I’m resisting the urge to make a list. I’m a total geek about what a place “could be” instead of what it is…which keeps my honey-do list fairly ridiculously long. At the end of the day, rocking my babies and a wink from my husband are the perfect reward for hard work and laser focus.

My life summed up in a song or movie title:
“It wasn’t that people didn’t try to give her stickers. It’s just that, the stickers didn’t stick.” You Are Special by Max Lucado.

What it means to be Unbridled:
Fearless in purpose with the freedom of knowing who you are and to whom you belong.

Beth Sandy

Administrative Support

I am a wife, and a mom to 5 great kids. I love to bake and crossfit (hopefully the crossfitting cancels out the baking!). I love being outdoors. I love raising cows. I love spending time with my husband doing both of those things. I am super thankful for the life I've been given.

My life summed up in a song or movie title:
My life summarized by a song title...probably “Livin' on the Edge”...God's always asking us to entrust our lives to him, taking risks that are calculated and wagered against His goodness. Thankfully, the more we get to know Him, the more we realize, there really is no edge.

What it means to be Unbridled:
To me, being Unbridled means being free to be and become all that God has made me to be, free from cultural, and societal expectations or demands. Free to live in the peace and joy that comes with living by His principles.


Dave Sandy

General Manager

“I'd rather be outside,” is the thought usually running through my mind. Being outdoors, especially with my family, is where I'm the happiest whether it's working or playing. I'm married to the love of my life and my best friend. Together we raise our 5 children and attempt to run a few cows.

My life summed up in a song or movie title:
They say love, is more precious than gold,
It can't be bought, and it can't be sold.
Well I got love, a love to spare,
but that make me a millionaire.

Chris LeDoux - “Millionaire”

What it means to be Unbridled:
Being “Unbridled” is embracing who you are created to be and living your life from that perspective.

Cooper Austgen


My name is Cooper. I’m 22 and I wear the fun socks around here. I may be mildly sarcastic. During my free time I like to go rock climbing, hiking, nap, and watch way too much Netflix.

My life summed up in a song or movie title:
“I’m Good” by The Mowgli’s.

What it means to be Unbridled:
To do the best and be the best you can in everything you do.

Stan Bullis

Cultural Advisor

I’m your typical 50-something father, husband, son, brother, business owner, and friend. A paradox, figuring life out as I go. Loving every minute, and learning that if we let go enough, forgive enough, love enough, and be present enough the desires of our heart are right in front of us, just waiting for us to discover them.

My life summed up in a song or movie title:
“Right Here Right Now” by Van Halen says it all. There’s no other place I want to be. It feels good to be alive...right here, right now...watching a generation wake up to their destinies and take their places in the world.

What it means to be Unbridled:
Being “unbridled” means relentlessly pushing the boundaries of our own limiting beliefs; keeping the inherent goodness of people as our central focus; and viewing life as a treasure to be discovered and mined from the inside out. I truly believe that by living “unbridled” in community with others, there is nothing we can’t do.

Cody Campbell


I am a country boy stuck in the city! I really enjoy the western lifestyle. Ranching is my passion and some of my hobbies are training horses, hunting, fishing, spending time with family and friends. One day I would love to own my own ranch.

My life summed up in a song or movie title:
I picked this poem called “One More Day” by Baxter Black because it’s how I feel…

One More Day

Even with our progress some things stay the same.
Cattle still need brandin’.
There are horses yet to tame.
Cowboys will always ride.
They’ll head, heel, and haze.
Making lasting memories, these are their “good ol’ days.”
As the lonesome sun is setting on our last sky of blue,
We’ll think back on good times and friends who helped make dreams come true.
The only favor I would ask before I’m called away,
Is let me be a cowboy again for one more day.

What it means to be Unbridled:
Being free with nothing holding you back.

Our Company Character

We believe that a person whole in their identity and fueled by passion, experiences a freedom that builds character. For us, that character, both individual and collective, is the most important part about business.




Drive to Thrive


Irrevocable Value



A Bigger Family

Belonging, believing, and becoming is not isolated to the non-profit sector. Through the Emergent Model, businesses discover their unique contribution within their sphere of influence. As they discover their identity, they also find that their success can ignite the success of others. Businesses commit 20% of their profits to a non-profit, which allows organizations to focus on what they do best, rather than fundraising. Today there are seven Unbridled companies practicing the Emergent Model.

Corporate Give Back

Giving back has been in our DNA from the start. Unbridled and the 501(c)(3) UnbridledACTS were incorporated on the same day in September of 2001. Since then, all Unbridled companies give the first 20% of profits to charity – over $1.5 million, so far.

UnbridledACTS is an active organization and group of partnerships that do life differently. It’s about building restorative family-oriented communities, empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs, and promoting freedom and dignity for vulnerable and exploited populations throughout the world.


We also partner with a variety of organizations that are active in being a member of community transformation.